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Vintage Carnival Rides in New York

Posted on 31 July, 2014 in Events, Locations, News

Statue of Liberty is natural with envy. Although this famous statue was reopened the other day to the public, Fete Paradiso, another French attraction will be introduced tomorrow in the nearby island of New York Harbor. The assortment of late nineteenth and twentieth century swing sets, carousels, games and pipe organs arrived in the isle following 6 months of scheduling and a set up period of 4 weeks by a French craftsman family that reconstructed these rides on the isle. The carnival assortment will be accessible and operational over the weekends all the way until 29th of September.

“Governors Island is well-known for its extraordinary view of the Lady Liberty statue, and now we are able to further celebrate French-American relations,” This was said during a restricted showing this week by the Trust for Governors Island president, Leslie Koch. She observed that the event’s striking name originates from the movie Cinema Paradiso, despite the fact that it is difficult to envisage it all at the center of New York City.

“I have come to New York along with my toys, following many years of desire about bringing back this ménage,” said Fête carnival rides collector and Paradiso’s creative director Regis Masclet. “I’ve been working on my own on these French carnivals, however after a superb encounter with comrade collector Roger Staub, I have been allowed to achieve my dream.”

Masclet said, “This terrain on Governors Island re-establishes different rides dating all the way back from 1850 all the way to 1960, and every one of them represents a different era and technical advances of that epoch. It begins with steam-powered rides, and then the industrial innovation, where electrical and mechanical processes were substituted by bikes, cars as well as planes. In this exclusive collection, we appreciate the advancement of these rides.”

Tristan Duval, a producer with a French event advertising company known as Community further observed that “Carousels were the original social networks where communities would meet each other.” He further pointed out that, “Carousels were initially built for adults only but were later on designed for children as well”.

Chinese Dragon Carousel: This ride was assembled after the First World War and it displays brilliant primary colors. It rotates counterclockwise at different speed. Chris Wangro who is a producer at Zaragunda Inc, USA said that one needs to jump onto the rise when it’s moving. However, he did not show how.

Bicycle Carousel: – This ride was designed in 1890s by the Limonair family to help teach people how to use bicycles. This is according to the details given by Robert Arbor, Le Gamin bistro’s founder at Fete Paradiso. The merry-go-round is controlled by riders pedaling or using an electrical engine. Media attendees tested the ride.

Pipe Organ: – The “call organ” was constructed in 1910 and was devised to draw carnival visitors. Having 92 keys, the organ is operated using punch cards. Carnival planners made it eccentric for the introductory presentation and it appeared brand new.

Flying Chairs: – The ride’s name explains it all. Using attached spokes, chairs and red banners are hanged from a spinning black base. The first time we saw it moving, some construction workers thought it was a whirlwind spin.

Bumper Car Pavilion or Café: – Unfortunately, it was hard to move the mammoth cars, designed in 1900, from France due to their excessive weight. There is no problem, because the huge wooden spectator construction area will be used as a temporary station for Le Gamin café, offering a complete menu with French classics including green apple cotton bonbon, Languedoc’s organic wine, salade nicoise and crepes.

The rides together with “music hall ball guzzler”, gondola carousels and horses work using older technologies. However, fete paradiso is also functional on social networks; even if no constructive tweets are available so far from Lady Liberty.

If you missed the rides in New York, be sure to visit them at Cedar Hammock in Naples, Florida in 2015.